Consent Form/Data Protection Form

By submitting writing using the submission form on the Survivors With Biros website,, you are agreeing to the following statement:

“I confirm that, for the purposes of my submission of writing, I consider myself to be a survivor of childhood sexual abuse or rape.

I consent to text that I submit using the submission form being published on the Survivors With Biros website (called the “writing for publication”). I understand that once writing is published, it is in the public domain and it can be difficult or sometimes not possible to remove from the website and/or from the internet.

I accept that the Survivors With Biros website is a public website and that writing for publication will be published anonymously. I understand that it cannot be ruled out that someone may nonetheless identify the writing as mine. I understand that it cannot be ruled out that my writing for publication may be reproduced on other websites or in other places over which Survivors With Biros has no control.

If Survivors With Biros were to produce or contribute to other works from the writing for publication, including but not limited to: a press release, newspaper article, magazine article, booklet or book, otherwise online or on any other media, including a theatre/audio/visual performance, I hereby consent that my writing for publication be used in this way as part of Survivors With Biros work without any requirement that Survivors With Biros ask me for further permission. I also agree to my writing for publication being quoted or excerpted in future Survivors With Biros courses or other creative writing courses facilitated by Anna Morvern.

I also consent to my writing for publication being edited by Survivors With Biros/Anna Morvern before publication and accept that their editorial decisions are final.”

For further information in relation to how your personal data will be handled and stored and in any event before submitting your writing for publication using the online form, please ensure you have read our Privacy Policy.

If you wish to make an enquiry of Survivors With Biros without submitting writing for publication, then please email